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Writers’ Roundup: “Save the Internet” Edition


Do you use the internet? There’s a decent chance that bad changes hurting your writing career, your blog/website, your social media, your online shopping and anything else you do online, could happen soon. You might have heard the words “net neutrality” in the news lately. Net neutrality is our ability to get information freely online […]

Four Good Questions for Writers


I recently wrote a short list of the worst questions to ask a writer. You can check out that list here and here. Let’s focus on the positive this time around and discuss what questions writers want, and even love, to hear. 1. “Why do you love being a writer?” This question shows that the […]

Thank You


What are you thankful for? This year has been an interesting mix of good and bad events. Still, I’m thankful. Here’s a list of some of the people and things that I’m grateful for. 1. I’m still here. I’m glad to be alive. I turned 40 earlier this year. Many people worry or complain about […]

3 of the Worst Questions to Ask a Writer — And How To Answer Them


It’s the most awkward time of the year for writers: That time when you visit your family and attend various holiday parties. The topic of what you do for a living will likely come up in some conversations as you gather with friends, family, your spouse’s coworkers, friends of friends, frenemies and anyone else in […]

Feeling Stuck While Writing? Read This!


That’s strange. A week ago, you were SO excited! You were finally going to start writing your novel that’s been stored in your brain for months, maybe even years. You sat down to put your story on paper, or more likely, on a computer screen. But now you’re feeling stuck while writing. You’ve fallen behind […]