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What Do Editors Want? Find Out at Writers Conference


  Sometimes, it’s hard out here for a writer. You’re pitching ideas for a book or a magazine article to different publications and publishing companies and … crickets. No one is responding to your letters, emails or calls. A great way to break out of this rut is to attend a writers conference.  The Triangle […]

Practicing What I Preach


Image Source   How focused are you? We’re now more than two months into 2017. Maybe everything’s moving smoothly and you’re well on your way to meeting your writing goals and any other New Year’s resolutions. Or, maybe not. As for me, I’m using March and April to practice what I preach about staying focused […]

4 Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating


Image by Jean Browman via Flickr Procrastination uses different disguises. Sometimes, procrastination disguises itself as responsibility. It whispers, “You can’t write now. You have a demanding, full-time job.” Or “You have to take care of your family.” Sometimes, procrastination disguises itself as self-care. It says, “You can’t write now. You should watch TV and escape […]

Jumpstart Your Year With One Powerful Word


Forget about resolutions. Choose another word to achieve your writing goals. Here we go again with a new year. Once again, you’re saying that you want to start writing. Or maybe you’re already writing and you want to find more writing opportunities. Resolutions are cute, but they usually don’t last past January, much less until […]

How to Write When Life Sucks


What should writers do when they have a bad year? Image Source I have a confession to make. I feel pretty dumb right now. I was hopeful about 2016 when the year began. I didn’t have any unrealistic expectations. I didn’t think, “This is going to be the best year ever!” I just figured it […]