Maya Spikes

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Hire Me

Do you need:

  • a freelance writer for your blog or social media?
  • a copywriter for your content?
  • a writing coach to help you better connect with your readers and clients?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, I can help!

You know you need creative content to better connect with your employees, your readers, current clients and potential clients. But you’re busy and you wish someone could help you with this content or write the content for you.

My specialties include:

  • Web content writing that grabs readers’ attention
  • Social media content that reaches and connects with your audience
  • Copywriting for other types of content that persuade readers and clients to take action
  • Helping other writers improve their writing/blogging/social media skills to reach more readers and clients

Hire me as your content writer to produce blog posts or other types of persuasive copy.

I have written for websites including Diversity MBA Magazine. My writing career began as a newspaper writer for the Independent Tribune. I also wrote a piece for The Charlotte Observer.

Here are some more details about my some of writing services.

Copywriting – Need creative and persuasive copy for your website? I can help. Whether it’s for your website’s main page, about page or other sections on your site, I can transform your good copy into great copy that persuades readers and clients to take action.

Blog writing – I have my own blog, and I do blog writing for other people’s websites, which means I can blog for your site, too. 

Ghostwriting – I know you’re busy, and maybe that means you’re too busy to write. I can write for you as a ghostwriter for either your website, blog or other types of content. One of my ghostwriting clients includes a regional healthcare organization based in the U.S. southeast.

Are you ready to collaborate with me for your next blog post, project or other writing tasks? Then, let’s talk! I look forward to hearing from you soon!