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4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block


Some writers say they never get writer’s block. Sure, you might get to a point where you’re rarely at a loss for words. But almost all writers need to find ways to get rid of writer’s block. The struggle is real. It’s like the common cold for writers. Some people catch a cold more often […]

How to Change from Dreamer to Writer


“If you just imagine yourself as a successful writer, you will be a successful writer!” No. You must do more. That’s why the Nike slogan “Just do it” is more powerful than “Just dream it.” I’ve always been a little skeptical of just visualizing what you want to be. It’s so easy to get stuck […]

3 Big Reasons Why Your Writing Changes the World


How are you making history today? Did you wake up today and think “Today’s the day that I’m going to make history”? Probably not. Your words and actions are already making a major impact on the people and the world around you, whether you know it or not. But, it’s hard to remember this when you’re […]

Four Important Lessons From My Creative Dad


  Is it okay to have a talent and simply enjoy sharing it with others, and not make a lot of money from it? If my dad was in his 20s or 30s today, he probably would have already read countless blogs about turning his creative hobbies into a profitable business. It’s just as important […]

A Letter To My First Editor


My mother, Judith “Judy” Spikes was my first editor. It’s no surprise. If you (partially) name your kid after your favorite writer, you will probably be more than okay with her showing an interest in writing. Judy was a great woman. She died of cancer in 1995, at the age of 52. If your mom […]